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The Best Tanning Lotions At Affordable Prices

TanningLotions.net was created to help you to find the best tanning lotions that accelerate the tanning process without any burning based on the following criteria:

  • Ingredients

    We look at the ingredients found in any tanning lotion to see if they are designed to protect and enhance tanning at the same time!

  • Speed of Results

    With a tanning lotion, obviously you should be able to see the difference from the first tan.

  • Likelihood
    of Burning

    There are some ingredients commonly used that make the skin more sensitive to the sun and more likely to Burn. We avoid these ingredients.

  • Customer

    Customer feedback often gives you a different picture than you would normally find on the advertisements and through other conventional methods.

  • Reorder Rates

    Sometimes the customers who are pleased are not quite a vocal as those who are not. Therefore, we check out reorder rates to get a full picture.

We have searched through hundreds of options, finding that most of them don’t work. But there are a few we picked, just keep reading!